Immigration to Israel

Sociological Perspectives Studies of Israeli Society

Elazer Leshem

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


This eighth volume in the Studies of Israeli Society series presents a broad array of topics related to the sociology of immigration to Israel. The focus is on immigration and migration during the 1980s and 1990s. The chapters were selected from a list of approximately 450 articles on the subject by Israeli sociologists. The book covers such issues as migrants in the occupational structure; migration and health; formal and informal mechanisms of integration; ethnic identities and processes of integration; and processes of migration and their implications.Immigration to Israel opens with two papers written specifically for this volume. The first is a theoretical-historical chapter by the editors. They discuss the role and contribution of Israeli sociologists to the ongoing literature of migration.The second by Sergio DellaPergola, provides a historical and comparative perspective of the underlying demographic characteristics of migration to Israel in the context of global Jewish migration processes.Other chapters and contributors include: "e;"e;New Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Aspirations among Immigrants from the Former USSR in Israel"e;"e; by M. Lerner and Y. Hendeles, "e;"e;New Immigrants as a Special Group in the Israeli Armed Forces"e;"e; by V. Azarya and B. Kimmerling; "e;"e;Iranian Ethnicity in Israel"e;"e; by J. L. Goldstein; "e;"e;Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel"e;"e; by S. Kaplan and C. Rosen; 'The Attitudes of Israeli Youth Toward Inter-ethnic and Intra-ethnic Marriage"e;"e; by R. Shachar; and "e;"e;Jewish Immigrants from Israel in the United States"e;"e; by Z. Eisenbach. Immigration to Israel: Sociological Perspectives concludes with a selected bibliography. This volume contains a wealth of information and will be important to sociologists, historians, scholars of Israeli culture, and ethnicity specialists.

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