Smart Grid Systems

Modeling and Control

N. Ramesh Babu (Hrsg.)

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Electric power systems are being transformed from older grid systems to smart grids across the globe. The goals of this transition are to address today's electric power issues, which include reducing carbon footprints, finding alternate sources of decaying fossil fuels, eradicating losses that occur in the current available systems, and introducing the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) for electric grids. The development of smart grid technology is advancing dramatically along with and in reaction to the continued growth of renewable energy technologies (especially wind and solar power), the growing popularity of electric vehicles, and the continuing huge demand for electricity.Smart Grid Systems: Modeling and Control advances the basic understanding of smart grids and focuses on recent technological advancements in the field. This book provides a comprehensive discussion from a number of experts and practitioners and describes the challenges and the future scope of the technologies related to smart grid. Key features:provides an overview of the smart grid, with its needs, benefits, challenges, existing structure, and possible future technologiesdiscusses solar photovoltaic (PV) system modeling and control along with battery storage, an integral part of smart gridsdiscusses control strategies for renewable energy systems, including solar PV, wind, and hybrid systemsdescribes the inverter topologies adopted for integrating renewable powercovers the basics of the energy storage system and the need for micro gridsdescribes forecast techniques for renewable energy systemspresents the basics and structure of the energy management system in smart grids, including advanced metering, various communication protocols, and the cyber security challengesexplores electric vehicle technology and its interaction with smart grids

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