New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People

Tessa Perrin

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Once viewed as entertainment, activity provision is increasingly being seen as of therapeutic value and an integral part of quality care practice. This change has been so rapid and far-reaching that many staff teams have been left behind, attempting to address new culture requirements with old culture knowledge. This book clarifies and illuminates the changes that have been taking place in the field of activity provision over recent years, and offers a guideline to those who are endeavouring to catch up. The contents include: the difference between old culture and new culture thinking and practice; the new culture from the perspective of the politician, the manager, the care assistant, the activity provider, the researcher, the trainer, the community worker and the activity charity. Between them, the contributors bring a breadth of experience of the changing culture that spans more than three decades. The contributors include: Tessa Perrin; Rosemary Hurtley; Keena Millar Sylvie Silver; Paul Smith; Hazel May; Charlie Murphy; Vivienne Ratcliffe; Kenneth Hawes; Helen Crumpton; Carline Ryder-Jones, Wendy Ferguson Rebecca Colledge; Richard Mepham; Sally Knocker; Simon Labbett. This is a vital resource for all staff and management of care settings for older people.

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