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Sissy Husband: The Apocalypse of Your Masculinity

Elle Mesen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


She's onto you! Your other half has just read my article in Cosmo "How to tell if your man is a sissy", and now she's going to follow my advice and conduct a sissy identification test. With the aid of some hidden cameras and pretty satin lingerie, you're going to take the bait and reveal to her the sissy you are. If you are a sissy husband or boyfriend you should be afraid...very afraid! In this book I explain to you blow by blow what's going to happen in your house when she finds out what a pathetic little sissy you are. Far from kicking you out, she's going to bind you to her forever in service as a sissy cuckold maid. As she uses the experience to make a clean break and starts dating a constant stream of men, you will have to clean up their constant stream of creamy white goo. Just make sure it doesn't spill onto your frilly apron! An excellent portrait of female domination and cuckolding, this book thrusts you into the silken, creamy delights of being both a sissy maid and a sissy husband.