Writology: Bashful-less Beginnings: Volume I of the Writologist Series

H.A. Calahan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


The Writology series is an anthology series that collects the written works of a single author. It is intended to showcase how a writer develops from the sparks and coals of loose ideas, into polished diamonds of outstanding pieces of work. Will you become a better writer for experiencing this journey? No. Not after finishing only one part of the journey. Will you be enlightened and delightfully entertained? Yes. Rich with author comments and insights into the inspirations and motivations for pieces of work, the collection presented in such a format, pulls back the fabric of time. It transports us to the mindset of author during the various stages of his journey. The first leg of our journey starts in fifth grade and ends in eight grade. Aliens, Love Ants, Haunted Houses, Shortcuts, waking up in 5019, and ending in a Day to Live Over. Features suggested writing exercises based on works and original assignments, as well as original artworks also connected to the journey. And the journey starts now!

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