How to Mesmerize Hot Girls and Get Them Into Your Bed Easily

Jayden Pitt

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


I'm sure you've wondered what women are thinking when you approach them. Many men have the belief that the woman they are approaching is going to try to catch them in the act of picking them up. They believe the girl is thinking about all the different ways she can reject them before they even open their mouths. So they try to HIDE their true intentions. They try to come off as a guy who just "e;wants to be their friend."e;But little do they know they are doing more harm than good. See, if a girl is even half-way decent looking, chances are she's used to being approached by guys looking to date her. So a girl KNOWS what you want if you're bothering to approach her. She's thinking:"e;Oh, this guy must be interested in me."e;At this point, she has two choices... First, she can just reject him for whatever reason she has. The second is to play along and see where it goes because she IS interested. Learn more; read this book

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