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Lizzie's Tale

Wilson S Graham

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Old Balmain House Series continues
In 1963 a new family lives in the old house in Balmain. 
Fifteen year old Lizzie, her mother and six year old brother

A rich friend invites Lizzie to a party – the future glitters bright. 
She is plied with champagne - she has never had a drink before. 
Three men, she thinks are her friends, ask her to come for a drive. 
They take her to a park and rape her. Mortified, she hides it.

She finds she is pregnant. She knows officials will take her baby. 
Rape was bad enough, losing her child is unthinkable. 
She runs away, she will not let this most awful thing happen

In Melbourne she seeks to build a new life, just her with a tiny baby.
Life is unbelievably hard, no money, no food, no one to help her. 
In desperation she becomes a prostitute, her least bad option. 
But authorities discover her age and seek to take her child.

She flees again to Broome, builds a new respectable life. 
But her story is discovered - now she is pursued again. 
With nowhere else to go she drives far into the desert.

Stranded with no water and a six year old daughter, help comes from an unexpected quarter. A silver locket of an unknown child is the key to her survival.

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Teenage Pregnancy, Old House, Rape, outback Australia, Prostitute