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The Complete Guide to Penis Enlargement

Michael J. Maverick

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SNP Method 2.0: The Complete Guide to Penis Enlargement is the first and only scientifically based book that explains how to obtain penis enlargement naturally and chemically. Containing information from more than three hundred studies, the book was developed by author Michael J. Maverick after 14 years of positive and negative experiences with penis enlargement, and with the help of Marco DeMunari, who has a master’s degree in pharmaceutical science and who has also shared his successes over the years. This guide has been formulated for all men who want to increase the length and/or girth of their penis in a completely natural way or with chemical support but without the need of extenders, pumps, manual stretching, jelqing, warm-ups with hot air, water, or more invasive methods like surgery. The SNP Method 2.0, which is the most advanced method in existence today, is aimed at regaining the hormonal conditions of puberty, when jelqing and stretching were not necessary to induce penis growth.