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You Are a Beautiful Person - Key to Freedom

William Eastwood

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! Learn how to manifest any reality you desire. Solve your problems & achieve your goals. You are not moving through time from birth to death, & the past does not create the present. Instead, you select probabilities in the same way you choose what you are going to eat for lunch. Einstein’s relativity, & Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics gives us a solid mathematically-proven foundation for this fact as to how you ACTUALLY create your reality. To create what you want in life you choose from unlimited probabilities in simultaneous time. THIS IS EASY TO DO through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions & actions. 44 years research & application of these principles. This is the Key to freedom from all problems, limitations & restrictions. A BRAND-NEW COMPREHENSIVE COURSE OFFERING EVERYTHING YOUR NEED to put an end to all your limitations & acquire what you want in life. It is time to leave the myths behind.