Riff Eater: The Sonic Recipe of My Life

Anthony Scott Ashworth

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From realizing I wouldn't have survived the heat in the kitchen without music to determining that Coverdale era Deep Purple is pretty damn good, this is a collection of essays tying together my 35 year existence. These are the stories of my brightest moments and darkest times, the friends and family along the way and everything in between. Full of humor, banality, drinking, death, depression and lots of metal and rock music, these musings are meant to heighten senses when it comes to good food, good music, live loud shows, friendships and the ins and outs of being in bands while working in kitchens. This book covers the similarities of being a musician and a chef while unabashedly diving into the effects that both had on my life. This is the sonic recipe of my life. How food and music shaped me from the time I was a child until now.

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