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Negative Space: A Collection of Short Stories

Steve DeGroof

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


"Bugged": Patrick has a bug problem. - "Smith": Peter has a special set of skills. Too bad they’re someone else’s. - "Digits": Amethyst couldn’t care less about the Crystal Numbers. She just wants to go home. - "Heading Home": Inzhu was banished from her village, for being a teenager. - "Stranger": When you talk to strangers in grocery store parking lots, you never know what you’re in for. - "Life’s Work": The world-simulation servers keep shutting down because they’re too introspective. - "And a Star to Guide Her By": Captain Salucci can’t steer her ship, because somebody didn’t fill out the right forms. - "Masquerade": T.W. Masterson throws the best parties. Everyone’s going, living or dead. - "Kill Switch" - Dr. Vanderveldt would really like it if her robots would stop trying to kill everyone.