Rock People

Lynda Penny

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"e;Look What I've found!"e; called my grandson, who was gazing into a puddle on the Derbyshire Moors."e;Is it a Little Rock Person?"e; I asked...and that is where my story begins.Rock People are very hard to find because they are camouflaged, so they look just like ordinary rocks. But they are not ordinary rocks! They are all very different little people. They have retractable arms and legs, head pipes that act as snorkels, hooks and periscopes and their amazing superpowers are hidden behind secret trap doors in their stomachs. They are armour-plated, amphibious and GREAT fun!They move by using their tiny legs which fold up inside their bodies when they need to roll about. They don't talk, but they have a secret tapping language that only Rock People can hear (except for Nannie, who is deaf). Sometimes, they get stuck in people's shoes, or picked up and put into someone's pocket, or blown away by the wind or even 'licked up' onto the tongue of a creature. YUCK!The Rock Family live in a cosy, secret home inside the trunk of an ancient oak tree. They have a workshop and they build wonderful things like rockets. As you can imagine, they are ALWAYS having adventures!

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