There and Back Again

Maggie Burleigh, Pete Burleigh

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


MAGGIE: In 2019 we gave up the constraints of a frequently frantic existence to live and travel in a campervan for a year; to be in the flow of life; trusting the great mystery of the universe to guide us. We got far more than we expected. The truth is that the truth is stranger than fiction. PETE: On our adventures we encountered sea turtles on a remote island; a mystical prophet woman in an Aborigine rainforest; were bitten by a rare spider; visited most of the Lord of the Rings film locations with uncanny ramifications; collected Maori tea; encountered mysterious Broch energies, and many more weird and wonderful experiences This is: HISstory and HERstory Sit back and come with us on an adventure.

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