Marvels, Mischief, and Mishaps

A. J Ross-Etheridge

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Immerse yourself in this new collection of funny tales, advice, and observations. Once again, the author provides amusing and embarrassing stories of life, wearing her heart on her sleeve.This is the author's second collection of poetry and poetic tales, following the success of A Few of My Favourite Things. Laying her emotions bare for all to see, she hopes to bring a little joy and a large helping of humour to as many people as she can. The book is so relatable, and it should come with a warning as it will journey you through many emotions. You could be in tears at one point and then laughing out loud the next.As with her first book, Amanda continues her efforts to raise money for Alzheimer's care and research. So, once again with every book she sells, she will donate AGBP1 towards charity.So, sit back, hold on to your hat, and let us take this rollercoaster of emotions together!

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