Green Witchcraft

Magical Ways to Walk Softly on the Earth

Marie Bruce

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Witches have always worked with nature to hone their craft. That deeply symbiotic relationship has meant that they have been at the forefront of the movement to protect the environment and take care of our beautiful planet. This enlightening guide outlines the practices of ethical witchcraft and includes spells for those witches keen to protect the Earth. It also outlines the tenets of hedge-witchery - a greener way of practising magic and witchcraft. You can get foraging for spell ingredients and connect with your local area, even finding the greener part to urban living. Learn how to create a witch's pantry, with information on how to dry and store herbs, mix spell powders and use essential oils to create environmentally-friendly homemade soaps, oils and cleaning products. The spirit of green witchcraft is the essence of living in harmony with the world around you.