Secret Life of Birds of Prey

Feathers, Fury and Friendship

Harmsworth Chloe Valerie Harmsworth

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Enter the fascinating world of the UK’s birds of prey. These noble hunters, with their remarkable flying skills, good looks and mysterious ways, are amongst our most attractive and interesting wildlife. They are some of the most enigmatic and rare species too, and this book will reveal them to you.Learn about the falcons, hawks, kites, osprey and eagles that grace our skies and landscape – from their impact on our culture in past and recent times, their value and uses in falconry, the history of their persecution and decline at the hands of humans, to their return to the UK through our reintroduction and conservation efforts.Admire their beauty up close with gorgeous photography and take an extraordinary peek into their secretive world. Be inspired by the moving words of people across the UK, who have described their thrilling, first-hand encounters, and discover where you can ethically experience these birds for yourself, to form an enduring connection with nature and make memories that will last a lifetime.This accessible and inspiring guide will help you to uncover the details of the habits, habitat, behaviour and diet (and much more) of our UK birds of prey, and show you how they bring delight and magic into our lives.

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