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Discontinuous Groups and Riemann Surfaces (AM-79), Volume 79

Proceedings of the 1973 Conference at the University of Maryland. (AM-79)

Leon Greenberg (Hrsg.)

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Study 79 contains a collection of papers presented at the Conference on Discontinuous Groups and Ricmann Surfaces at the University of Maryland, May 21-25, 1973. The papers, by leading authorities, deal mainly with Fuchsian and Kleinian groups, Teichmüller spaces, Jacobian varieties, and quasiconformal mappings. These topics are intertwined, representing a common meeting of algebra, geometry, and analysis.

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Galois extension, Holomorphic function, Affine space, Riemann mapping theorem, Isomorphism theorem, Subsequence, Finite group, Fundamental polygon, Algebraic curve, Subgroup, Complex multiplication, Analytic function, Intersection (set theory), Kleinian group, Metric space, Tangent space, Degeneracy (mathematics), Fuchsian group, Disjoint sets, Homeomorphism, Endomorphism, Compact Riemann surface, Cauchy sequence, Irreducibility (mathematics), Isomorphism class, Monodromy, Cyclic group, Simply connected space, Limit point, Special case, Differential form, Complex dimension, Jacobian variety, Word problem (mathematics), Combination, Equivalence class, Möbius transformation, Uniqueness theorem, Finitely generated group, Quotient space (topology), Diffeomorphism, Existence theorem, Riemann surface, Orthogonal trajectory, Projective variety, Cayley–Hamilton theorem, Existential quantification, Quadratic differential, Quasi-projective variety, Closed geodesic, Quasiconformal mapping, Theorem, Hurwitz's theorem (number theory), Automorphism, Complex torus, Schwarzian derivative, Fundamental domain, Unit disk, E7 (mathematics), Polynomial, Arithmetic genus, Non-Euclidean geometry, Jordan curve theorem, Teichmüller space, Convex set, Rectangle, Commutator subgroup, Simultaneous equations, Inner automorphism, Variable (mathematics)