Do Less Be More

Ban Busy and Make Space for What Matters

Martina Sheehan, Susan Pearse

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


Your greatest potential is unleashed when you slow down. Do Less. Be More reveals the science that explains why doing less is a bonafide strategy for achieving what you really want. Learn how to ban busy and focus on what really matters with 21 practical ways to say no and embrace silence, space and solitude.While cramming in one more task may feel useful, productive, or even satisfying, its not always the best use of a spare moment. In fact, it will inevitably lead us to a place where we become less productive, less creative, less inspired and less satisfied with life. The latest brain-function research shows that merely thinking of an activity, rather than actually doing it, sees the brain in active mode. While we might think we dont have any space in our lives to do more of what is important to us, Do Less. Be More offers readers 21 activities to reclaim even the tiniest moments, like waiting for a coffee, to rest their brains and in so doing, rediscover insight, inspiration and fresh ideas. Learn how to ban busy and focus on what really matters with 21 practical ways to say no and embrace silence, space and solitude.

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