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A Companion to Victorian Poetry

Ciaran Cronin

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Englische Sprachwissenschaft / Literaturwissenschaft


This Companion brings together specially commissioned essaysby distinguished international scholars that reflect both thediversity of Victorian poetry and the variety of criticalapproaches that illuminate it. * * Approaches Victorian poetry by way of genre, production andcultural context, rather than through individual poets orpoems * Demonstrates how a particular poet or poem emerges from anumber of overlapping cultural contexts. * Explores the relationships between work by differentpoets * Recalls attention to a considerable body of poetry that hasfallen into neglect * Essays are informed by recent developments in textual andcultural theory * Considers Victorian women poets in every chapter


(Review19, 2011)
"Yet overall, and at its best, it provides what few critical bookscan offer: a highly readable, even rollicking account of the wholeera, as variegated and lively as Victorian poetry itself."
(Brontë Studies, November 2009)
"[A] comprehensive, challenging picture of Victorian poetryemerges when reading the entire collection of essays.... A feast ofinformation."
(Studies in English Literature, Fall 2008)
"The essays within are excellent. I think it an indispensablebook. The essays address the multifariousness of Victorian poetry,and the variety of critical and theoretical issues; in addition,they give the reader a sense of the marketing and reception of thepoetry."
"Scholars will want to own this book.... Highly recommended."
(Reference Reviews)
"A rich diversity of distinguished and learned scholars, mostlyfrom North America and the UK, have combined in this singularlyimpressive and important volume, to provide what for many might atfirst sight seem to be an almost impossible harvest: fresh andoriginal essays on carefully selected aspects of the poetry ofVictorian England."
(English Literature inTransition)
"Nicely affordable for the wealth of insights contained therein.Contains some fresh research.... This companion will not sit on theshelf and collect dust, but [will] be useful for both scholarly andentertaining reading."
-Michael Hurley, Cambridge University, The TennysonResearch Bulletin
"Not only is the Companion brimming with finearguments--there are far too many essays that warrant noticethan can possibly be picked out in a short review--but it isalso very well put together as a collection. Its clear table ofcontents and fulsome index make it easy to negotiate. Each essayis, moreover, followed by a generous list of references andsuggested further reading." (The Tennyson ResearchBulletin)"Not only is the Companion brimming with fine arguments -there are far too many essays that warrant notice than can possiblybe picked out in a short review - but it is also very well puttogether as a collection. Its clear table of contents and fulsomeindex make it easy to negotiate. Each essay is, moreover, followedby a generous list of references and suggested furtherreading."
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