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Clinical Surgery

Ara Darzi (Hrsg.), Alfred Cuschieri (Hrsg.), Pierce A. Grace (Hrsg.), Neil R. Borley (Hrsg.), David I. Rowley (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Klinische Fächer


Blackwell's Clinical Surgery has established itself as anexcellent indispensable resource for undergraduate medical studentsand house officers. The first edition was Awarded 1997 BMACertificate of Commendation. Written by an outstanding team ofeditors and expert contirbutors, the new updaetd and revisededition has been designed as a complete learning guide. Unlike competing titles, Clinical Surgery covers thefollowing all in one book! * Symptoms and signs of surgical disease * Diagnosis and investigations * Treatment and procedures The book is divided into five sections: * Clinical Skills and Investigations * Perioperative Care * The Management Of Acute Surgical Illness and Trauma * General Surgery * Specialist Surgery The new edition features: * Revised chapters with updated and refreshed material, writtenin a systematic format to aid learning and enhanceunderstanding * 15 new chapters with more information providing you witheverything you need to know * Blackwell's famous At A Glance boxes for the most commonsurgical conditions and common clinical presentations * Must Know/Must Do boxes - to aid learning and revisionthrough self-assessment * Clinically orientated information on practical procedures * Evidence Based Medicine references for further reading andresearch * Excellent full colour illustrations and a new attractive andeasy to use format The second edition of Clinical Surgery is perfect forundergraduate and junior doctors alike as well as other healthprofessionals who need a comprehensive account of surgery in allthe major medical specialities. With a strong emphasis on clinicalpractice and the necessary knowledge and skills, this is a must-buyfor anyone going on a surgical rotation. Clinical Surgery isintended to teach you everything you need to know about surgery atthe start of your career. Pre-publication quotes "I do not think it is an understatement to say that it is arevolutionary book. It is obviously written with integrated coursesvery much in mind and manages to integrate the basic sciences withclinical information very well.... Maybe above all things, this isa very practically orientated book and really attempts to mould themedical student in to a very good house officer." SHO, Leeds


British Journal of Surgery 1997
"I suspect that it will become a standard text for medical studentsand junior doctors alike"
Sphincter, Liverpool Medical School Gazette
"A comprehensive surgical textbook, with lots of colour photosand diagrams, nicely laid out with excellent at a glanceboxes."
Southampton Health Journal 1997
"This textbook is well written, logical and ordered, but most ofall at £30 is a bargain especially as this text will last thestudent for many years, well beyond their housejobs and be ofbenefit in manging patients on the wards... (it) should beconsidered as one of the key undergraduate surgical texts."
St. Thomas' Gazette 1996
"This book is quite simply a pleasure to own"

Pre-publication quotes

' I do not think it is an understatement to say that it isa revolutionary book. It is obviously written with integratedcourses very much in mind and manages to integrate the basicsciences with clinical information very well...Maybe above allthings, this is a very practically orientated book and reallyattempts to mould the medical student in to a very good houseofficer.'

SHO, Leeds.
House Officer, Cambridge
' Well written, well presented and laid out, plenty of pictures.I actually looked forward to reading it!'
5th Year, Aberdeen
'I think Clinical Surgery is a fantastic book! It'spacked full of features to make it easier to learn from. The use oftables and diagrams compliments the extremely well-written text,making for a thorough, friendly guide to clinical surgery. Thevariety of delivery methods makes the book suitable as a quickreference, a revision aid or as a detailed textbook, and it fulfilsall three roles excellently'
I think it is a well-balanced book which would appeal to bothclinical medical students and junior doctors. It manages to spanthe spectrum of surgical knowledge required both pre- andpost-graduation. I like the broad range of topics covered. 5th Year, Nottingham
House Officer Oxford
'It is great. Informative, broad yet detailed and with greatpictures...what more could a young surgeon want.'

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