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A World Beyond Difference

Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization

Ronald Niezen

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


A World Beyond Difference unpacks the globalizationliterature and offers a valuable critique: one that is forthright,yet balanced, and draws on the local work of ethnographers tocounter relativist and globalist discourses. * Presents a lively conceptual and historical map of how we thinkabout the emerging socio-political world, and above all how wethink politically about human cultural differences * Interprets, criticizes, and frames responses to worldculture * Draws from the work of recent major social theorists, comparingthem to classical social theorists in an instructive manner * Grounds critique of theory in years of ethnographicresearch


"Debates about globalization have become stereotyped.Universalists hope for one world united under rational law;postmodernists and their postcolonial and neo-Marxist allies dreamof a heterotopia of autonomous free agents. In this book, RonaldNiezen steps outside this sterile dualism to show how each sidesubscribes to the same Western utopian ideals, which are thenimposed on the facts. Case material from his wide experienceillustrates the failings of ideologically generated theories andoffers a more realistic approach to the actual experience ofglobalization. Elegantly written, free of cant, empiricallygrounded, theoretically sophisticated, and passionately argued,this brilliant book is required reading."

Charles Lindholm, Boston University
Cambridge University Press
"This volume is a thought-provoking, intellectuallyexciting analysis of the quest for a global borderless society ...The author presents many inspired and thought-provoking challengesto the reader and one cannot but be impressed by the logic of hisarguments."
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Anthropologie / Globalisierung, Transnationalismus, Weltpolitik, Anthropology, Politikwissenschaft, Anthropology of Globalization/Transnationalism, Anthropologie, Global Politics, Political Science