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A Derrida Dictionary

Niall Lucy

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


This Dictionary offers points of entry into Derrida's complexand extensive works. * * This Dictionary offers points of entry into Derrida'scomplex and extensive works. * From 'aporia' to 'yes', the Dictionarysuggests ways into Derrida that show what is at stake in hiswork. * Demonstrates that Derrida is not just about philosophy, butalso about politics and pop music. * Explains why deconstruction matters, and how Derrida can changethe way you think. * The A-Z entries are framed by essays on the inherentinterdisciplinarity of Derrida's work and on Derrida'srelationship to a range of other thinkers.


Reference Reviews
"Writing for fans of Dylan, Eastwood, Eminem, and Lou Reed, no lessthan for readers of Freud, Heidegger, and Nietzsche, Lucycatalogues the ways Derrida has rocked words to their alphabeticcore. There is sharpness, wit, and high seriousness in everyentry." Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern California <!--end--> "Niall Lucy has written a witty, incisive, timely and highlytopical dictionary that deftly characterizes the most importantentries in Derrida's lexicon. The book is chock full of referencesto contemporary film, music and politics and spares us thetediousness of trying to formalize ideas whose very idea is thatthey cannot be formalized. In addition to making for an insightfulread and a pleasurable ride, Lucy does a good job of redefiningwhat a "dictionary" is supposed to mean. A saucy,sparkling success." John D. Caputo, VillanovaUniversity "Lucy brings and ironic, iconoclastic, and earthy approach tohis teask... Entries are cleverly focused so that major terms andconcepts get full attention ... Lucy is unpretentious and plainspeaking... This is a well worthwhile purchase for the librarywhere Derrida comes as new and rather threatening to students."



Literature, Literary & Cultural Theory, Continental Philosophy, Literaturwissenschaft, Philosophy, Literatur- u. Kulturtheorie, Kontinentalphilosophie, Philosophie