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Envisioning the Past

Archaeology an the Image

Sam Smiles (Hrsg.), Stephanie Moser (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Kunstgeschichte


Envisioning the Past: Archaeology and the Image is agroundbreaking collection of original essays that brings togetherarchaeologists, art historians and anthropologists to provide newperspectives on the construction of knowledge concerning theantiquity of man. * * Covers a wide variety of time periods and topics, from theRenaissance and the 18th century to the engravings, photography,and virtual realities of today * * Questions what we can learn from considering the use of imagesin the past and present that might guide our responsible use ofthem in the future * * Available within the prestigious New Interventions in ArtHistory series, published in connection with the Associationof Art Historians.


"I recommend this book to anyone interested in the relationshipbetween archaeology and 'the image', and particularly point to thecontributions by Glazier, Scott, Phillips and Arnold."
Arthur MacGregor,Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
"Envisioning the Past dissects a range of visualreconstructions of antiquity to expose conventions so widelyaccepted that their distorting effect has become all but invisible.The reader undergoes a process of re-sensitization that iseye-opening in the most literal sense."
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