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Keeping God's Silence

Towards a Theological Ethics of Communication

Rachel Muers

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This ground-breaking book provides a new perspective on Christianpractices of silence. * An original, theologically informed work, written by asignificant Quaker theologian * Provides a new perspective on Christian practices ofsilence * Considers the theological and ethical significance of thesepractices * Relates silence, listening and communication to majorcontemporary issues * Takes forward theological engagement with feministthought * Contributes to ongoing research into the theology of DietrichBonhoeffer.


Quaker Studies
"This book is a passionate, informed and insightful inquiryinto the significance of silence in Christian thinking about Godand its bearing upon a theological ethics of communication."Reviews in Religion and Theology <!--end--> "What starts off, quite modestly, as an exploration ofwhat theologians and others have said about silence, develops intoa serious challenge to the way theology itself is done, and indeed,to the way other researches are done, and conversation held is work that will yield rich insights."



Systematic Theology, Religion & Theology, Religion u. Theologie, Systematische Theologie