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Looking for America

The Visual Production of Nation and People

Ardis Cameron

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Kulturgeschichte


Looking for America: The Visual Production of Nation andPeople is a groundbreaking collection that explores the"visual" in defining the kaleidoscope of Americanexperience and American identity in the 20th century. * Covers enduringly important topics in American history:nationhood, class, politics of identity, and the visual mapping of"others" * Includes editorial introductions, suggested readings, a primeron how to "read" an image, and a guide to visual archives andcollections * Well-illustrated book for those in American Studies and relatedfields eager to incorporate the visual into theirteaching--and telling--of the American story.


AliceKessler-Harris, Columbia University
"This collection is an invigorating, even stunning,revelation. I left it feeling as if I had learned a new language.Congratulations to Ardis Cameron for the creative insight withwhich she has woven together an argument for the indispensablevalue of 'looking' into the past."
Joan W. Scott, Institute for AdvancedStudy
"This book illuminates the role of the visual inconstructions of American national identity. Most impressive is thedemonstration that vision itself is not transparent, but aninstrument that shapes, even as it is shaped by, relations ofpower."
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US History, Geschichte, Geschichte der USA, Kulturwissenschaften, Amerikanistik, Cultural Studies, American Studies, History