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Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine

Brian Hebblethwaite

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine surveys andcomments on recent work by philosophers of religion in the analytictradition on the doctrines of the Christian creed. * * Topics covered include creation, Incarnation, Trinity,salvation and eschatology, and the ultimate future ofcreation. * * Comprehensive survey of core Christian doctrines


Douglas Hedley, Clare College
"At first sight this book seems like a crisp, lucid andilluminating survey of a flourishing field in the philosophy ofreligion. It is this, and much more. Here is a mind searchingly andrelentlessly philosophical, and yet exhibiting a strong awarenessof Christian doctrinal tradition. Such is philosophical theology inthe best sense."
Richard Cross, Oriel College, Oxford
"This unique book sympathetically analyses the incisive workdone on theological questions by some recent analytic philosophers.It will become required reading for systematic theologians as wellas for philosophers of religion."
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