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The Geography of the Internet Industry

Venture Capital, Dot-coms, and Local Knowledge

Matthew Zook

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Geografie


This groundbreaking book analyses the geography of the commercialInternet industry. It presents the first accurate map of Internetdomains in the world, by country, by region, by city, and for theUnited States, by neighborhood. * * Demonstrates the extraordinary spatial concentration of theInternetindustry. * Explains the geographic features of the high tech venturecapital behind the Internet economy. * Demonstrates how venture capitalists' abilities to create anduse tacit knowledge contributes to the clustering of the internetindustry * Draws on in-depth interviews and field work in San FranciscoBay Area and New York City.


Eric Sheppard, University of Minnesota
"This book is a welcome addition to the burgeoning literatureon the geography of the information society ... The parallels drawnto related booms and busts of earlier eras demonstrate that thenovelty of the 'new' economy is as mythical as the'end' of geography in the information age."
Edward J. Malecki, The Ohio State University
"Traces the Internet industry from its beginnings ... thebest picture yet of the Internet boom of the 1990s, its decline in2000 and 2001, and its stability and slower growth since."
Martin Dodge, University CollegeLondon
"An authoritative and engaging account of contemporaryurban-regional economic development in the information age, thathas real explanatory power much like Jean Gottmann'sMegalopolis had in the 1960s. The Geography of theInternet Industry deserves a place on the reading lists ofanyone serious about understanding the recent past of theInternet."
Michael Batty University College London
"I urge everyone who has a chance to read this bookbecause it is fluent and well constructed, especially given that itis based on a thesis. Unlike most theses, the joins do not show,and this makes for an exciting journey through itspages."
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