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The New Systems Competition

Hans-Werner Sinn

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Volkswirtschaft


Competition between companies tends to be beneficial for thegeneral public, but is this also true for competition betweenStates in a world with global financial markets, low transportcosts, and increasing migration? In this book, Sinn provides asolid economic analysis of the competitive forces at work andaddresses how we should organize competition between systems sothey will enhance the efficiency of these systems, as opposed toacting destructively on them. * Provides a thorough economic analysis of the competitive forcesat work between nations and governments. * Analyzes a wide range of state activities, including taxation,public goods provision, income redistribution, environmentalpolicy, safety standards, and competition policy. * Addresses ways to organize competition so it will enhance theefficiency of these systems.


--Richard Musgrave, Harvard University
"Professor Sinn offers a sweeping view of the future globaleconomy, where states compete for capital in a race for growth. Oldpolicies, fiscal and structural, will be revised to attractproductive resources and to prevent their exit. Once more theauthor joins lucid exposition and analytical rigor in a splendidpiece of contemporary economics."
--David E. Wildasin, University of Kentucky
"The authors of competitive interactions among and withingovernments and nations requires a breadth of perspective andlearning not often found among today's hyperspecialists.Hans-Werner Sinn has thought long and written extensively on thesematters. This book provides a concise introduction to theseimportant issues, a compelling demonstration that economics has alot to say about them, and a glimpse of the large analytical tasksbeyond the horizon."
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