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Winners and Losers in Globalization

Guillermo de la Dehesa

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Volkswirtschaft


Seeking reason in the impassioned globalization debate, de laDehesa examines who stands to win and who stands to lose from theprocess of globalization, in a style accessible to readersunfamiliar with economic theory. * * Objectively and dispassionately illuminates the emotionallycharged globalization debate; * * Acknowledges that the costs and benefits of globalization willnot be distributed evenly; * * Details the economic effects of globalization on individuals,governments, nation-states and business; Assesses the impact of globalization on both labor markets andfinancial markets, on global economic growth and on incomedistribution and real convergence between different nationaleconomies.


PaulKrugman, from the Foreword to Winners and Losers inGlobalization
"I don't expect this book to settle the debates overglobalization: there is too much real uncertainty about the issue,and anyway there are too many people firmly committed to theirviews to be shaken by any argument or evidence. But perhaps Mr. Dela Dehesa's excellent book can lower the temperature and giveus all a better sense of what this new global economy is really allabout." Paul Krugman, from the Foreword to Winners and Losers inGlobalization <!--end--> "Guillermo Dehesa has written a splendid book thatprovides fresh and important perspectives. Read and enjoy."Jagdish Bhagwati, author of In Defense ofGlobalization "Globalization is a subject that stirs uncommonly strongemotions [and] those who try to make sense of it are oftenchallenged on their credentials. But once in a while you getsomeone like Guillermo de la Dehesa - that is, someone whoseknowledge and experience crosses the usual boundaries, who cannotbe impeached on the usual grounds. In other words, he is someonewhose motives you can trust, and whose breadth of knowledge andexperience are rare in this or any other area."
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Economics of Globalization, Economics, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Ökonomie der Globalisierung