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Asian Media Studies

Politics of Subjectivities

Siew Keng Chua (Hrsg.), John Nguyet Erni (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Medienwissenschaft


This groundbreaking collection of original essays provides new perspectives in Asian media studies. The volume covers a diverse range of topics from media policy to globalization, using lively examples from various countries and media.


--Chin-Chuan Lee, City University of Hong Kong
"With the publication of this volume, cultural studies begins tospeak with a multiplicity of Asian accents, marking an excellentstep towards meaningful and contrapuntal dialogues with those whohave Anglo-American accents in the era of globalization."
--Ien Ang, University of Western Sydney
"This book represents a coming of age of critical media studiesin Asia, and about Asia. Written by Asian authors who are attunedto the hegemonic power of both Western media and Western paradigmsof media studies, this collection of essays outlays the complexlandscape of Asian media scholarship in one of the most dynamicregions in the world today. What we find is that there are manyAsias, shaped by the intersections of power and subordination,pessimism and optimism, hope and despair."
--Meaghan Morris, Lingnan University
"The mediascapes of Asia are among the most dynamic and excitingin the world right now, and the most politically vital. Thisabsorbing collection does much more than explore the profoundchanges occurring in the region as transnational media flowsintensify, different modes of historical and politicalconsciousness form, and new subjective realities take shape. Indoing all this with acuity and flair, it revitalizes mediastudies."



Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Medienforschung, Communication & Media Studies, Kommunikation u. Medienforschung, Kulturwissenschaften