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Archaeologies of Memory

Susan E. Alcock (Hrsg.), Ruth M. Van Dyke (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


A unique collection of newly written essays by archaeologistsworking in a variety of contexts and geographical areas,Archaeologies of Memory is a groundbreaking text thatpresents a coherent framework for the study of memory in pastsocieties. * * Serves as an accessible introduction to central issues in thestudy of memory, including authority and identity, and the rolememory plays in their creation and transformation. * Presents a collection of newly commissioned essays that providea coherent framework for the study of memory in pastsocieties. * Brings together essays from both anthropological and classicalarchaeologists. * Includes contributions drawn from a variety of cultures andtime periods, including New Kingdom Egypt and the prehistoricAmerican Southwest.


Journal of Field Archaeology, Vol.29, 2002-2004
"In this exciting and interpretively timely volume,archaeology and social theory intersect to explore thematerialization of memory. Drawing on diverse case studies, fromhistorical and prehistoric contexts across the globe, contributorsexpand dimensions for critical understandings of 'the past inthe past." Wendy Ashmore, University of California,Riverside <!--end--> "Memory is a locus of struggle over identity, authority,and power. This collection represents the first serious attempt inarchaeology to examine this struggle. As such, it is apath-breaking volume that all archaeologists need to read andcontemplate." Randy McGuire, BinghamtonUniversity "The distinguished editors, an anthropologicalarchaeologist and a Classical Greek archaeologist, have gathered aformidable team to explore memorizations over a vast span of time,space, and cultures, from the Old World to the New, and fromprehistory right up to the present." Paul Cartledge,University of Cambridge "This is an excellent book which acheives what it sets out to do- to place memory more firmly on the research agenda ofcontemporary archaeology."
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