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Myths for the Masses

An Essay on Mass Communication

Hanno Hardt

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Medien, Kommunikation


With a lively and engaging style, Myths for the Massesprovides a critical, interdisciplinary, and historically informedstatement about communication in contemporary life. * * Written by Hanno Hardt, one of the world's leadingauthorities on the subject. * Offers a comprehensive appraisal of mass communication. * Provides a critical perspective on media and communication insociety. * Contains critical insights into the state of masscommunication, democracy, and the construction of the self insociety.


Media International Australia incorporating Culture andPolicy
"Hanno Hardt is one of the outstanding media thinkers of our times.Myths for the Masses reflects a lifetime of study andcritical analysis, and is one of the most provocative 'bigpicture' books on media I have ever read. Certain to become aclassic text, I urge all students and scholars to read it closely." Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign <!--end--> "Hanno Hardt once again exhibits the breadth and depth of histhinking as he critiques the presence of mass media in everydaylife. This deeply disturbing and important manifesto underscoresthe value of a genuinely critical framework for the study ofcommunication." Theodore L. Glasser, Stanford University "An excellent journey through the land of critical theoryand its application to the cultural phenomenon of mass media. Itprovides the reader with rich and fruitful argumentation, whichenables understanding of the pivotal dimension and problems of masscommunication." Tomaz Krpic, Ljubljana University "The book is an excellent journey through the land of criticaltheory and its application to the cultural phenomenon of massmedia."
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Kommunikationswissenschaft, Kultursoziologie, Soziologie, Communication & Media Studies, Sociology, Communication Studies, Kommunikation u. Medienforschung, Sociology of Culture