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Interpreting Christian History

The Challenge of the Churches' Past

Euan Cameron

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


This book explores the theological lessons to be learnt from 2000years of Christian Church history. * An exploration of the theological lessons to be learnt from thedifficult history of the Christian churches over the past 2,000years * Opens with an introductory essay on the whole of Churchhistory, making the book suitable for lay readers as well asstudents * Combines historical, historiographical and theologicalanalysis * Reunites the disciplines of theology and Church history * Concludes that we can only ever perceive a facet ofChristianity given our historical and cultural conditioning * Written by a distinguished Church historian.


History and Sociology of Religion
"This book is an excellent summary of Christian history from theapostolic period to the current day and is written in an engagingway. It will be profitably used by scholars and students in allChristian traditions and is a helpful text not only forintroductory seminary church history or historical theologycourses, but also for historiography in university graduatecourses."
Mark Noll, Wheaton College
"Expert historians are not always as good at self-reflecting ontheir craft at practicing that craft. Euan Cameron, however, is anexemption as shown by his careful assessment of what the historiansof this and previous generations have both taken for granted andspelled out explicitly in writing the history of Christianity. Asone might expect from a distinguished student of the sixteenthcentury, Interpreting Christian History is particularly goodon what the rise of Protestantism meant for understanding theChristian past."



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