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The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration

In Health and Social Care

Hugh Barr, Rosalind Scott, Geoffrey Meads, et al.

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The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration recognises and explores the premium that modern health systems place on closer working relationships. Each chapter adopts a consistent format and a clear framework for professional relationships, considering those with the same profession, other professions, new partners, policy actors, the public and with patients. Section one, Policy into Practice, considers a series of analytical models which provide a contemporary account of collaboration theory, including global developments. The second section of the book, Practice into Policy, examines real-life drivers for behavioural change. The third section evaluates personal learning and learning together. * Highlights the barriers to collaboration, how to overcome them, and the resulting dividends * Enlivens health policy with a view to transformative adaptations in the workplace * Draws on international examples of effective practice for local application This book is designed for those in the early stages of their careers as health and social care professionals. It is also aimed at managers and educators, to guide them in commissioning and providing programmes to promote collaboration.


Learning in Health and Social Care Vol 5: 2,2006
"The authors and contributors bring a wealth of knowledge andexperience to its writing through their associations with CAIPE andthrough their research and practice in the field ofinterprofessional working and learning in the UK and across theworld." "[This] book is essential for practitioners, managers and educatorsof health and social care and well worht the effort of engagingwith it."
Journal of Interprofessional Care
"The book is well argued and well written, has excellentreferences and a consistent structure throughout the chapters,making it easy to navigate."
Journal of Interprofessional Care
"The case for interprofessional collaboration is overwhelminglypositive... I suspect that most readers will already be in favourof interprofessional working and education. This book will givethem more evidence to promote the cause."



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