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Prison Nursing

Alan A. Parrish (Hrsg.), Ann E. Norman (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


The benefit of having skilled nurses working in prisons has beennoted in a recent report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons (HomeOffice 1998). This report recommended that the organisation ofhealth care in prisons be made the responsibility of the NHS. This is the first book aimed specifically at nurses working inprisons. There is a specific set of skills needed to be a prisonnurse. The environment is radically different to other areas ofpractice and the nurse-patient relationship and its boundaries areof paramount importance This book is written by nursing experts in this field andincludes chapters on women's health, ethnic and cultural issues,educational demands, the legal and political settings, prisonculture, and suicide.


Nursing Times
"A groundbreaking book in this field"
Journal of Advanced Nursing
"This is an excellent and timely book... With recentdevelopments in prison health care and the inevitable concomitantdevelopment of prison nursing in the UK, this book will prove to bea core text."
"...the editors have ensured that the range of topics offers arealistic view of what prison nursing is really like"
Nursing Standard
"This book is recommended for those working in, or otherwiseinterested in, this fascinating area of professional practice."
Nursing Times
"A groundbreaking book in this field. It covers women's health,ethnic and cultural issues, educational demands, legal andpolitical settings, prison culture and suicide."



Nursing, Spezialaufgaben i. d. klinischen Krankenpflege, Krankenpflege, Clinical Specialities