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Professional Learning In Nursing

Jenny Spouse

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


The way nurses are taught is constantly evolving and changing.Workplace learning is seen as key to developing practitioners. Inthis book Jenny Spouse discusses how students learn in a range ofdifferent clinical settings and how best to facilitate thisprocess. How do students learn to become nurses? What knowledge andunderstanding do they need to acquire? How do their preconceptions,beliefs about the learning process, and social needs affect theirdevelopment? What do they find helpful and unhelpful? What makesclinical settings good for learning? Is it helpful for students todocument their learning? What are the best ways for lecturer/practitioners to facilitate student learning and what other factorsinfluence their progress? The book explores how professional development can be betterunderstood, following the progress of six nurse learners drawn fromdifferent parts of nursing and investigating both thosedifficulties faced by all students and those issues unique toparticular students. It places these narratives in the context ofnurse education today, exploring the implications of 'Fitness forpractice' and 'Making a difference', and looking at theimplications for the future development, organisation and fundingof nurse education.



Nursing Management & Leadership, Krankenpflege, Nursing, Ausbildung u. Perspektiven i. d. Krankenpflege, Leitungstätigkeit u. Management i. d. Krankenpflege, Nursing Education & Professional Development