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Nutrition and Stroke

Prevention and Treatment

Salah Gariballa

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Stroke is a common and devasting event, which often results indeath or major loss of independence, with immense human andfinancial costs. In the developed world stroke accounts for around10 per cent of all deaths and is the most important single cause ofsevere disability among western people living in their own homes.Futhermore, in the next 30 years, the burden of stroke will growsubstantially in most developing nations. There is now substantialevidence that dietary habits not only influence the prevalence ofstroke, but also its course and outcome once it has occurred. Theauthor, Salah Gariballa, who has many years' experienceworking in this area, carefully presents and reviews thisinformation in a user-friendly and accessible manner. The book is divided into three major sections. Section I coversnutrition and ageing and includes chapters on the challenge ofstroke, ageing changes and nutrition, macro- and micronutrientintake in elderly people and the diagnosis of protein-energyundernutrition. Section II deals with nutritional factors and therisk of stroke, and includes details of the role of dietary andnutritional factors in stroke prevention, antioxidants and riskfrom ischaemic stroke, homocysteine and endothelial dysfunction.The final section of the book covers nutrition factors followingstroke, including cerebral ischaemia, protein-energy undernutritionand the nutritional status and support of stroke and special strokepatients. A final chapter looks at probable future directions,including important recommendations. Nutrition and stroke is essential reading fornutritionists, dietitians and many other groups of healthprofessionals, including general practitioners, gerontologists,occupational therapists and nursing staff. Personnel inpharmaceutical and food companies involved in the formulation ofdietary supplements and nutraceuticals will find much of interestwithin the book's covers. Those dealing with the preventionand treatment of stroke around the world should read this book, andcopies should be available in libraries of universities and medicalschools worldwide.



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