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An Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics

Core Concepts and Problems

Christian Helmut Wenzel

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In An Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics, ChristianWenzel discusses and demystifies Kant's Critique of the Powerof Judgment, guiding the reader each step of the way and placingkey points of discussion in the context of Kant's other work. * * Explains difficult concepts in plain language, using numerousexamples and a helpful glossary. * Proceeds in the same order as Kant's text for ease ofreference and comprehension. * Includes an illuminating foreword by Henry E. Allison. * Offers twenty-six further-reading sections, commenting brieflyon books and articles from the English, German, and French, thatare relevant for each topic * Provides an extensive bibliography and a chapter summarizingKant's main points.


Elisabeth Shellekens, The Journal of Aesthetics and ArtCriticism
"As an overall assessment, then, this is undoubtedly one of themost interesting and meticulous "guides" to Kant's aesthetictheory. Even though Wenzel clearly adopts a slightly differentapproach to Kant's aesthetic theory than this reviewer, this bookis probably the best introductory volume currently available."
Kenneth F. Rogerson, Notre DamePhilosophical Reviews
"In sum, I highly recommend this book to students and scholarswith some familiarity with Kant and the "Critique ofAesthetic Judgment." This book will surely deepen theirunderstanding of Kant."
Karl Ameriks,University of Notre Dame
"Wenzel's book is an invaluable aid for all seriousstudents of Kant's third Critique. The reconstruction ofarguments is clear and concise; the annotated bibliography isremarkably knowledgeable and helpful."
Eckart Förster, Johns HopkinsUniversity
"This volume will be indispensable to any new reader ofKant's third Critique who seeks illumination of its key concepts,insights into its philosophical context, and guidance for furtherstudy."



Geschichte der westlichen Philosophie, Art & Applied Arts, Philosophy, Philosophie, Art Theory, Kunsttheorie, Historical Western Philosophy, Kunst u. Angewandte Kunst