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Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology

A First Course

Fabio Sani, John Todman

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Experimental Design and Statistics for Psychology: A FirstCourse is a concise, straighforward and accessible introductionto the design of psychology experiments and the statistical testsused to make sense of their results. * * Makes abundant use of charts, diagrams and figures. * Assumes no prior knowledge of statistics. * Invaluable to all psychology students needing a firm grasp ofthe basics, but tackling of some of the topic's more complex,controversial issues will also fire the imagination of moreambitious students. * Covers different aspects of experimental design, includingdependent versus independent variables, levels of treatment,experimental control, random versus systematic errors, and withinversus between subjects design. * Provides detailed instructions on how to perform statisticaltests with SPSS. Downloadable instructor resources to supplement and support yourlectures can be found at andinclude sample chapters, test questions, SPSS data sets, andfigures and tables from the book.


David R.Bellhouse, The American Statistician, August 2007, Vol. 61, No.3
"This text helps to bring the research process alive and willclearly prove invaluable to all undergraduate students ofpsychology. The authors cleverly illustrate the progression inpsychological research from hypothesis-formation to research designand finally to data analysis in a unique and informative manner." Simon Dymond PhD., undergraduate research methods instructor,University of Wales, Swansea <!--end--> "This will serve best as a reference book to supportundergraduate teaching and as a useful companion to have on hand onintroductory level methods classes. It provides first and secondyear psychology students with a well-grounded grasp of the basics.A well-written and long awaited text that bridges the gap betweenexperimental design and statistical analysis." Psychology Reaching Review "Lively, friendly, amusing and lucid, this is an excellentintroduction to experimental design and statistics which providesthe clear yet informative explanations that most readers prefer. Iwould certainly recommend it to my students." Colin Gray, University of Aberdeen &amp; co- author of 'SPSS 12Made Simple' "This text maintains a wonderful balance of conceptual andpractical focus. After each statistical test, the authorsdemonstrate its use in a hypothetical research study...I wouldrecommend that anyone who teaches or takes a course in surveysampling theory and methods obtain a copy of this book"
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