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On the Nature of Prejudice

Fifty Years after Allport

Peter Glick (Hrsg.), John F. Dovidio (Hrsg.), Laurie A. Rudman (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


On the Nature of Prejudice commemorates the fiftiethanniversary of the publication of Gordon Allport's classicwork on prejudice and discrimination by examining the current stateof knowledge in the field. A distinguished collection ofinternational scholars considers Allport's impact on thefield, reviews recent developments, and identifies promisingdirections for future investigation. Organized around Allport'scentral themes, this book provides a state-of-the-art,comprehensive view of where the field has been, where it is now,and where it is going.


"To simultaneously take stock of research on prejudice and mark the50th anniversary of Gordon Allport's The Nature ofPrejudice, a prolific group of 44 authors collaborated toproduce a set of reviews that will surely guide the next 50 yearsof prejudice research. The resulting book, On the Nature ofPrejudice: Fifty Years After Allport, reveals such a rich senseof dialogue, cooperation, and thoughtful regard for posterity thatit reads like no ordinary academic text. Words like"wide-ranging," "respectful,""scholarly," "comprehensive," and"truly ground-breaking" came to mind as I readdeliberations about why Allport's work remains so influentialtoday, the new insights that have emerged in the field, andpotential directions for future investigations."
James Sidanius, UCLA
"This outstanding volume is more than just a well-written andentertaining homage to the work of Gordon Allport, arguably one ofthe most influential and insightful students of prejudice in the20th century. In addition, this book has managed to assemble mostof the leading scholars in the field and induce them to thinkclearly and succinctly about our present state of knowledge and tosketch out the several theoretical issues that remain to beclarified by future research. The overall result is a volume thatis simply a tour de force and a "must read" for anyoneseriously interested in deepening their understanding of thefrustratingly complex issues of prejudice and intergroup conflictin the modern world."
Anthony G. Greenwald, Universityof Washington
"Even while acknowledging that Gordon Allport continues todominate the agenda for prejudice research, this volume'scontributions reveal many new insights based on the original andwide-ranging research of the authors - often calling for revisionof Allport's thinking."
Marilynn Brewer, Ohio StateUniversity
"The idea of building an edited volume aroundAllport's classic book is brilliant, and the timing could notbe better."
Kenneth McKenzie,Trinity College, Dublin. Social Psychologyical Review, April2006
"This book is an impressive addition to the literature in socialpsychology... certainly an excellent 'one stop-shop' for mainstreamsocial psychology research on prejudice."
American Journal of Psychology
"All in all, there can be no doubt that Gordon Allport laid thefoundation for research on prejudice. However, we think the editorsand authors of this volume have successfully built on that solidbase by adding their own theoretical and empirical layers, onesthat further strengthen the field's knowledge for thefuture."
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