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The Blackwell Guide to Mill's Utilitarianism

Henry West (Hrsg.)

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The Blackwell Guide to Mill's Utilitarianism volume isan ideal commentary for students on Mill's classic essay. * * Contains the complete text of Utilitarianism and twelve relatedessays. * Essays cover the background to Mill's classic essay,analyses of the arguments, and contemporary debates within theutilitarian tradition. * Also includes a case study demonstrating the application ofutilitarian theory to military or non-violent responses toterrorism. * Each contribution is an original essay written by a specialistat the cutting edge of philosophical scholarship.


-Dr Roger Crisp, University of Oxford
"An important work ... .Intended to be read by a general audience, the Guide contains the complete text of Utilitarianism, along with twelve related essays which inform the reader about Mill's life, influences on his philosophies, and the position of Utilitarianism in Mill's general philosophy. Five of these essays analyse arguments in Utilitarianism, highlighting the most disputed points; a final set of four essays brings concerns of the work to bear on contemporary concerns, including the final essay, by Bart Gruzalski, which applies utilitarian theory to non-violent or military responses to terrorism." (Year's Work in English Studies, 2008)"West provides a set of well-written essays by excellent scholars,who cover both Mill's text and its continuing significance forcontemporary philosophical ethics. This will be a very valuableresource for anyone studying Mill's ethics."



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