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In Kant's Wake

Philosophy in the Twentieth Century

Tom Rockmore

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / 20. und 21. Jahrhundert


In Kant's Wake evaluates the four main trends in philosophyin the twentieth century -- Marxism, Anglo-American analytic,American pragmatism, and continental philosophy -- and arguesthat all four evolved in reaction to Kant's fascinating anddemanding philosophy. * * Gives a sense of the main thinkers and problems, and the natureof their debates; * Provides an intriguing assessment of the accomplishments oftwentieth-century philosophy.


D. Haugen,Choice
"...there is no other book of comparable length offering suchcomprehensive coverage of 20th-century philosophy. The book is alsowell written, interesting, and packed with information about thedevelopment of philosophy in the last century."
Angelica Nuzzo, BrooklynCollege
"In Kant's Wake is a brilliant book.It brings the story of contemporary philosophy back to its roots inKant's Copernican revolution, reminding us of the importanceof knowing our past."
MitchellAboulafia, Pennsylvania State University
"Rockmore has written a clear, concise, and compellingaccount of twentieth-century philosophy, focusing on two richinterpretations of Kant's thought in order to illuminate fourmajor twentieth-century movements. In Kant's Wakemakes a substantial contribution to our understanding of theintellectual currents of the last century as it inspires us tothink about the future of Western philosophy."
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Geschichte der westlichen Philosophie, 20th Century Philosophy, Philosophie, Philosophy, Historical Western Philosophy, Philosophie des 20. Jhd.