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Archaeology of Asia

Miriam T. Stark (Hrsg.)

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This introduction to the archaeology of Asia focuses on casestudies from the region's last 10,000 years of history. * * Comprises fifteen chapters by some of the world'sforemost Asia archaeologists * Sheds light on the most compelling aspects of Asianarchaeology, from the earliest evidence of plant domestication tothe emergence of states and empires * Explores issues of cross-cultural significance, such asmigration, urbanism, and technology * Presents original research data that challenges readers tothink beyond national and regional boundaries * Synthesizes work previously unavailable to western readers


Gina L. Barnes, University ofDurham
"Miriam Stark has performed a monumental service to globalarchaeology by selecting the most important cross-cultural themesin Asian archaeology and many of the most innovative writers todiscuss them."
John Olsen, University of Arizona
"Offering remarkable coverage of the world's largestcontinent, Stark has created an outstanding book that should berequired reading for any archaeologist or historian interested inAsia."
Australian Archaeology
"This volume is the seventh in the series Blackwell Studiesin Global Archaeology, a series intended to cover the centralareas of undergraduate archaeological teaching. While this iscertainly a sustainable market for the series, this particularvolume presents an overview and depth that will also, and perhapsmore so, be a welcome addition to the libraries of postgraduate andresearch archaeologists ... Stark has assembled a valuable resourcemade all the more useful by not shying away from the scholarly andnational politics reflected in so much Asian Archaeology"
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