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The Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise

Saul Traiger (Hrsg.)

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This Guide provides students with the scholarly andinterpretive tools they need to understand Hume's ATreatise of Human Nature and its influence on modernphilosophy. * * A student guide to Hume's A Treatise of HumanNature. * Focuses on recent developments in Hume scholarship. * Covers topics such as the formulation, reception and scope ofthe Treatise, imagination and memory, the passions, moralsentiments, and the role of sympathy. * All the chapters are newly written by Hume scholars. * Each chapter guides the reader through a portion of theTreatise, explaining the central arguments and keycontemporary interpretations of those arguments.


Stephen Buckle,Australian Catholic University
"The Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise is a verywelcome arrival, an antidote to the selective attention from whichthe Treatise has often suffered. The contributors set outand assess Hume's main doctrines and arguments across thewhole Treatise, bringing out links between its differentparts, and situating the work in its biographical and philosophicalcontext. The result is an excellent introduction to one of themajor works of western philosophy."
Vere Chappell,University of Massachusetts
"This is an excellent addition to an excellent series.Saul Traiger has solicited an impressive collection of originalessays covering all the parts of Hume's most important, butalso most baffling, work. The authors include most of theworld's leading Hume scholars. Their work is authoritative,but is also very clearly presented, so that the volume will beaccessible to college students as well useful for expertphilosophers. Highly recommended!"
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