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Women and Media

A Critical Introduction

Carolyn M. Byerly, Karen Ross

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Medien, Kommunikation


Women and Media is a thoughtful cross-cultural examinationof the ways in which women have worked inside and outsidemainstream media organizations since the 1970s. * * Rooted in a series of interviews with women media workers andactivists collected specifically for this book, the text providesan original insight into women's experiences. * * Explains the ways that women have organized their internal andexternal campaigns to improve media content (or working conditions)for women, and established womenowned media to gain a publicvoice. * * Identifies key issues and developments in feminist mediacritiques and interventions over the last 30 years, as these relateto production, representation and consumption. * * Functions as both a research case study and a teachingtext.


Linda Steiner, Rutgers University
"Byerly and Ross not only advocate but succeed in integratingtheory with empirical data, and may inspire a few readers toundertake their own media action."
Margaret Gallagher, author of Gender Setting: New Agendasfor Media Monitoring and Advocacy
"The first comprehensive attempt to theorize women's mediaactivism and its relationship to social change. An inspiringchronicle of feminist interventions in media systems world-wide,and a welcome bridge between scholarship and practice."
Midwest Book Review
"The essays are forays into areas of media studies whichwill only grow with the growing presence and innovations of womenin this central field of contemporary culture."
Culture and Policy
"A useful outline of global feminist media scholarship forstudents and practitioners. The book opens up new directions forfuture research, tempering an engagement with historicaldevelopment of women's media activism with attention to the realvoices and experiences of current activists andpractitioners."
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Kommunikation u. Medienforschung, Communication & Media Studies, Media Studies, Medienforschung, Kulturelle Kommunikation, Cultural Communication