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The Postcolonial Biblical Reader

R. S. Sugirtharajah

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This wide-ranging Reader provides a comprehensive survey ofthe interaction between postcolonial criticism and biblicalstudies. * * Examines how various empires such as the Persian and Romanaffected biblical narratives. * Demonstrates how different biblical writers such as Paul,Matthew and Mark handled the challenges of empire. * Includes examples of the practical application of postcolonialcriticism to biblical texts. * Considers contemporary issues such as diaspora, race,representation and territory. * Editorial commentary draws out the key points to be made andcreates a coherent narrative.


(Journal for the Study of the New Testament)
"This book, edited by one of the foremost proponents of postcolonial biblical criticism, will provide a useful entrée into this important area of study and a representative and wide-ranging selection of essays with which to engage."
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