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Educational Testing

A Competence-Based Approach

Stephen Fisher, James Boyle

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Educational Testing provides support for thoseundertaking training in, and for training providers of, theCertificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) (Level A).Developed by the British Psychological Society (BPS) the CCET aimsto meet a need for standards for the use of tests in education inthe UK, to encourage responsible test use by psychologists andnon-psychologists alike. Written by the designers of the certificate and endorsed by theBPS's Steering Committee on Test Standards, EducationalTesting is the only book of its kind available: * * Covers the 71 elements of the CCET in detail and acts as a'course text' for those in training * Describes each core competence * Provides model answers and examples * Offers an indication of the range of ways in which the corecompetences may be assessed by the Assessor, based upon theexisting BPS Guidance for Assessors document * Appendices offer guidance on BPS Standards, a glossary oftechnical terms, useful web-sites and on-line resources and TestPublishers Addresses.


Dave Bartram, Chair of the BPSSteering Committee on Test Standards.
"James Boyle and Stephen Fisher have done an excellent job inproviding a single text for those seeking the BPS's Certificate ofCompetence in Educational Testing (Level A). In addition tocovering the knowledge requirements for the qualification, the bookalso reprints the full BPS information pack relating to thequalification (Appendix 1) and includes information about howcompetence is assessed (Appendix 2). These are very usefuladditions for those undergoing training as they provide them with aclear view of what they will be expected to know and do if they areto be regarded as competent and how that knowledge and skills willbe assessed . The book contains a number of other usefulappendices. In short, this provides not only an accessible andcomprehensive source text for the Certificate, but also a usefulreference set of materials. "
Katherine Fingleton, NationalAssociation of Principal Educational Psychologists
'This is a very significant text in psychological andeducational testing. It provides a very clear guide to theCertificate of Competencies in Educational Testing (BritishPsychological Society, Level A). It will be invaluable to thoseseeking the Level A Certificate or those who just want to gain moreinsight into educational testing.'
Dr Sandra Dunsmuir, University CollegeLondon
"This comprehensive book provides excellent coverage of theknowledge underpinning competence in educational testing. It willbe a useful resource for professionals working in education who arelooking for a key reference to support the development of goodpractice in test administration, scoring and interpretation. Itsaccessible style and structure means that this book will be anindispensable manual for anyone undertaking the BritishPsychological Society's Certificate of Competence inEducational Testing."
Irvine S. Gersch, University of EastLondon
"This book fills a major gap for those wishing easy access toinformation required by the BPS's CCET (Certificate of Competencein Educational Testing) Level A, or those simply wishing to updatetheir knowledge. The emphasis on qualitative and ethical issues (aswell as quantitative scores) are strong points. This book is athorough, valuable and accessible reference for all those involvedin educational testing."
Educational Testing: A Competence-Based Approachis clear and

concise, offering just what those who use tests in educationalsettings

need to understand ... Boyle and Fisher clearly took

the time to plan well, and they included just what is necessaryto

adequately understand, select, administer, and interpret testsfor use in

educational settings. I highly recommend that all those who doso add
PsycCRITIQUES, American PsychologicalAssociation
this little volume to their collection of usefulreferences."
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