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Stroke Rehabilitation

A Collaborative Approach

Robert Fawcus (Hrsg.)

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There is a continuing need for education about stroke and itsmanagement, both in acute and chronic stages. This book aims tofacilitate interdisciplinary cooperation, which is essential ifrehabilitation programmes are to be optimally effective. Anycollaborative enterprise is heavily dependent upon the relationshipthat develops between the participants. Here a group of health careprofessionals give their own perspective on the daily problems theyencounter and the specific skills involved in dealing with theseproblems. Written in an informative and accessible style, this book willhelp professionals involved in the management of stroke tounderstand the role of other members of the rehabilitation team,and hence provide coordinated care for the patient. Robert Fawcus is a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist atthe Nuffield Hospital, Tunbridge Wells and was formerly Professorof Clinical Communication Studies at City University, London.


"Overall, this is an interesting book which should prove useful forboth professionals and lay people alike."

Therapy Weekly

"This is an interesting book that would have something ofinterest for all different levels of therapist."

British Journal of Occupational Therapy



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