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Bioinorganic Photochemistry

Grazyna Stochel, Konrad Szacilowski, Zofia Stasicka, et al.

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Anorganische Chemie


Bioinorganic photochemistry is a rapidly evolving field integratinginorganic photochemistry with biological, medical and environmentalsciences. The interactions of light with inorganic species innatural systems, and the applications in artificial systems ofmedical or environmental importance, form the basis of thischallenging inter-disciplinary research area. Bioinorganic Photochemistry provides a comprehensiveoverview of the concepts and reactions fundamental to the field,illustrating important applications in biological, medical andenvironmental sciences. Topics covered include: * Cosmic and environmental photochemistry * Photochemistry of biologically relevant nanoassemblies * Molecular aspects of photosynthesis * Photoinduced electron transfer in biosystems * Modern therapeutic strategies in photomedicine The book concludes with an outlook for the future ofenvironmental protection, discussing emerging techniques in thefield of pollution abatement, and the potential for bioinorganicphotochemistry as a pathway to developing cheap, environmentallyfriendly sources of energy. Written as an authoritative guide for researchers involved inthe development of bioinorganic photochemical processes,Bioinorganic Photochemistry is also accessible toscientists new to the field, and will be a key reference source foradvanced courses in inorganic, and bioinorganic chemistry.


(Journal of the American Chemistry Society, October 2009)
"Overall Bioinorganic Photochemistry presents a broad, qualitative overview of photochemical topics largely focused on the interface of inorganic chemistry with biological, medical, and environmental issues. The book will be of interest to those working in the field who are interested in surveying how photochemistry is applied in a variety of biologically relevant areas."
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