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Practical Biotransformations

A Beginner's Guide

Gideon Grogan

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Organische Chemie


The development of new asymmetric catalytic methods is offundamental importance to industrial synthetic chemistry. Thedemand for optically pure synthetic intermediates and the drive toadopt greener methods of synthesis have stimulated a growinginterest in biocatalysis as a selective and environmentally benignsynthetic technique. Practical Biotransformations: A Beginner's Guide providesan introduction to microbes and enzymes and demonstrates theirpractical applications in synthetic organic chemistry. Designed asa laboratory manual, this user-friendly guide discusses standardlaboratory techniques, with appropriate advice on aspects ofmicrobial practice and associated safety. Topics covered include: * An introduction to equipment in a biotransformationslaboratory * An overview of biocatalyst sources * Maintenance and growth of biocatalysts * Example biotransformations using commercially availablemicrobes and enzymes * Basic gene cloning and the use of 'designer'biocatalysts This book will be a valuable resource for synthetic organicchemists with little or no experience of biochemistry ormicrobiology. It is the author's hope that this text willinspire readers to consider biocatalytic methods as realalternatives to traditional synthetic solutions.


?The book provides a good overview and appropriately conceivedoutline of this complex topic, enabling the interested reader tobegin work with enzymes quickly and without unnecessarycomplications.? (Angewandte Chemie, October 2009)
sguide to microbes and enzymes and how to use them for syntheticorganic reactions in the laboratory.? ( Book News, September2009)
?Gogan presents a beginner's guide to microbes and enzymes andhow to use them for synthetic organic reactions in the laboratory.?( Book News, September 2009)?Gogan presents a beginner'

?This book is easy to read and well organized and can be dippedin and out of, depending on your level of experience in differentareas. ? Overall and excellent, interesting and user-friendlymanual/textbook.? (Chemistry World, August 2009)
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